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      1. About Us


        Chongqing Jiangxing Tools is professional gear cutting tools manufacturer and we have been exporting various gear cutting tools such as standard gear hob, involute spline hob, roller chain sprocket hob, timing pulley hob, parallel side spline hob, worm gear hob, carbide hob, gear shaper cutter, gear shaving cutter, gear hobber cutter, gear hobbing cutter, gear milling cutter and broaches etc tools made in up-to-dated facility with rich experience.

        The complete range of gear hobs produced by us, besides large modules hobs, is completed by

        - Solid gear hobs from mod 0.5 -mod. 22 mm

        - Spline hobs (parallel or involute such ASA)

        - Roller chain hobs

        - Carbide hobs

        - Worm wheel hobs, shank type or bore type

        - Pulley hobs

        - HM hobs

        The precision class of gear cutting hob obviously is regulated by international standards such Din 3968 (class A and class AA)

        All the crew of JXGJ will serve gear hobbing tools with best quality, competitive price, best delivery for our valuable customers. We look forward to your continued interest on our gear hob cutter and wish all the best of luck with you and your family. 

        Any special requests on gear hob, please contact us for more details.

        Thank you for visiting our new website.

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